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Things to do

We want this weekend to be a weekend you will remember forever! Please check out the below suggestions on "Things to do" in Fredericksburg when you are not at one of our wedding events!


If you’ve ever been to Fredericksburg then you know, but if you haven’t, Fredericksburg is known for the amount of wineries they have all along highway 290. There are more than 40 wineries and tasting rooms in Fredericksburg and Gilespie county!!

Among our favorites are: Signor Vineyards, Southold Farm + Cellars, Pedernales Cellars, Becker Vineyards, 4.0 Cellars, and Barons Creek Vineyards!

There are also a couple breweries in the area. Altstadt Brewery is our favorite!!!


There are a TON of cute shops up and down Main Street in the heart of historic Fredericksburg. Main Street has nice restaurants all throughout as well!!

German food

Fredericksburg is a German town, so we suggest you check out a German restaurant before leaving. We enjoy Altdorf, Auslander, and Friedhelms!

Other food and live music

We also recommend everyone making a stop at Hondos! It has a great atmosphere, cold drinks, good food, live music, and some good Texas two stepping!

Another great stop is Lincoln St. Wine Bar, it’s a bar with good drinks and small bites, it’s a great hangout with live music too!

Woerner‘s Warehouse OR Opa’s meats are both fantastic options if you want to take a picnic to a winery or on a hike!


Historic Luckenbach, Texas is only a 15 minute drive away from the heart of Fredericksburg. Luckenbach is always a good place to visit, drink a cold beer, and listen to great music. And as they say, Everybody is somebody in Luckenbach!

If you enjoy Luckenbach, you should also check out Albert Ice House in Albert, Texas. Albert is a quick 15 minute drive from Fredericksburg and it is totally worth it!


There are a ton of good hikes and picnic aeras around.

Our favorites are:
Enchanted Rock state natural area
Pedernales Falls state park
Cross Mountain
Lyndon B. Johnson state park
Angela Marzuki