Stacey Sharpe


Chad Miller

Wedding Party

Stefanie Sharpe

Maid of Honor

Stefanie is my older sister as well as my best friend. I couldn't do this without her standing by my side. She has been a part of Chad and I’s relationship from day one, it's only fitting that she was our photographer for our proposal. She has been there for me through the good times and the bad, she’s the best sister anyone could ask for. Chad and I can't wait to have Stefanie be a part of our big day!!

Patrick Smith

Best Man

Patrick and I became friends in high school. Later, during our college years, Patrick would come down almost every weekend to San Marcos and float the river and hang out. Since then, we never miss a beat and even if we do not see each other a lot, we always pick up where we left off. Stacey and I can't wait to have Patrick dancing on our big day!

Lindsey Griffin


Lindsey has been my best friend since the day I met her when we were 8 years old playing soccer for the Firecrackers. We have always done everything together including: sporting events, rodeos and cookoffs, traveling, country music and everything in between. We continue growing in our friendship everyday and I couldn't do this without Lindsey by my side!

Jesse Smitherman


Jesse and I met in middle school when he moved to my neighborhood. Jesse has always been there and had my back, whether it was on the soccer field or at a house party. Through college we would visit each other for the big football games or floating the river. We have always stayed in touch even though living in different cities.

Allison Miller


Allison has been my best friend since we were 3 years old as we have grown up together. We have been so lucky, as our moms are best friends too - the Karens! We have played sports together, gone on numerous vacations together, we have been both roommates and neighbors, and so much more... we really have been through it all! We used to play pretend that we were sisters and its only fitting that we both will be married to men with the last name "Miller", now we can really call each other sisters! I couldn’t do this without Allison by my side!

Nathan Burkhart


Nathan and I grew up in the same neighborhood and have been friends since kindergarten. From playing sports, riding four wheelers, and getting into trouble, we have always managed to have a good time.

Mallory Taylor


Mallory and I met my freshman year of college when we were both trying out for Texas State club soccer (tryouts were grueling). Thank goodness we both made the team, and our team was great that year... because we got to travel and bond so much (maybe too much... I told her some things that only few people knew about... after only knowing Mallory for a week or so). But that’s what made Mallory and I best friends, Mallory and I clicked pretty early on and she later became my college roommate for 3 years! She was a big part of Chad and I’s relationship early on as she would have to hear me talk about him ALL the time! I couldn’t do this without Mallory standing by my side!

Scott Martsolf


Scott and I met in high school, we became close because all of our friends would either come to my house or his house to hang out. We have always stayed in touch even though we live in different cities (different states now) through the highs and lows of our favorite sports teams.

Brian Baker


Brian is Stefanie's boyfriend and has been a part of the Sharpe family for years. The four of us have become close and made many memories throughout the years. Rockets games and our mutual love for Lonestar beer has brought us closer. Heres to being brothers (in-law) one day soon!

Jose Mendoza


Jose and I met at work after he moved from Arizona in 2013. As the new guys from out of town, we became roommates and close friends. We lived together for a couple of years until he got married and his wife joined him in Houston. The four of us have become pretty inseperable ever since.
Angela Marzuki